Pickleball is a court sport played on a [20′ x 44′] indoor or outdoor court, with a net. Paddles are used to hit a plastic whiffle ball. Pickle ball is a little like tennis, badminton & ping pong. “The game is easy to learn for new players. Pickleball’s multi-generational co-ed appeal, is a fun way to get healthy aerobic exercise, improve mobility, sharpen reflex time, & improve hand-eye coordination.


White Marsh Pickleball Program is awaiting the authorized reopening of Baltimore County Rec Center Facilities currently closed due to C-19 Pandemic.

White Marsh Pickleball Classes and Clinics are conducted by an IPTPA Certified Professional Level II Pickleball Coach and IPTPA Certified Skill Rating Specialist CRS-4. 

There are planned Classes for Beginner’s, and Clinics for Low Intermediate, and High Intermediate Players. Included on the 2021 schedule will be Player Skill Assessment Clinics, Repetitive Ball Hitting Clinics, where players are fed repetitious balls from a ball machine, and they practice hit any shot they choose for fun and exercise, or friendly competition.   

Weekly Indoor Open Play (recreational competitive) Pickleball for experienced players 2.5 plus is also part of this Program. Fee/D/T-TBA 

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*If your Church or Fraternal Organization is interested in starting a fund raising Pickleball League, I can provide space allocation, Pickleball Playability assessment and logistical planning.

Eye Protection prescription or safety glasses. Racquet sports court shoes, comfortable court attire, and a composite personal paddle & 3 indoor pickle balls are needed for clinic play and home practice. Heavy wood beginner paddles are available but not recommended. Holabird Sports 9220 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore, MD, 21220 has best pickle ball gear selection, indoor demo court, and knowledgeable sales representatives. Tell the “Pickleball Joe” sent you!
Registration: Registration now open by email to “Coach Joe” bhdpal@verizon.net Questions welcomed!

The White Marsh Picklebball Clinics’ location is the Honeygo Run Community Gym, 9033 Honeygo Blvd, Perry Hall, MD 21128

CONTACT PERSON: Clinic Coach Joe Palmere Jr,
IPTPA Certified Professional Level II Pickleball Coach
IPTPA Certified Skills Rating Specialist
White Marsh Rec Council Pickleball Instruction Facilitator