The Honeygo Girls Softball coaching staff is an all-volunteer staff made up of a chairperson, age group coordinators and at least two coaches per team. Our coaches are very enthusiastic and talented and collectively have many years of coaching and playing experience. All of our coaches are dedicated parents as well, and each one takes an interest in seeing that every player is taught the necessary fundamental skills, has fun and plays to her ability. Official umpires are used for all games in the 11-13 and 14-18 age divisions. 8-10 games are umpired by paid junior umpires.

The chairperson administers the program, serving as the liaison with the recreation council, coaches, volunteers and participants. For more information please contact the recreation office at (410) 887-5187, or e-mail  You may also contact Jeff Jones at (443) 271-3277, or email him at